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February/March issue of H2Open out now!

Issue 39

The February/March issue of H2Open is on sale now. Here's a sneak preview of what's inside: 

  • Beth French on swimming with a tiger shark.
  • Mindful swimming with Total Immersion's Terry Laughlin.
  • Power up your core for faster swimming.
  • Interview with English Channel legend Kevin Murphy. 
  • Alpine adventure: extremely wild swimming in the Alps.
  • Plus, all the usual training, technique and nutrition advice, kit reviews, inspirational stories and full event listings for 2017.
Cover May17

Issue 2 May 2017

  • Mile to marathon! One mile, 5k and 10k training plans
  • Your first open water event
  • How to swim 24 miles in 24 hours
  • "Wild swimming helped break my anxiety"
  • Swimrun training and kit advice
  • Over 200 UK swims to enter


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