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Ben Hooper abandons Atlantic Swim

In a Facebook post dated 15 December, Ben Hooper announced that he was abandoning his attempt to swim every mile of the Atlantic between Senegal and Brazil.

16 Dec 2016 • Simon Griffiths
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Sea Hawks Set New Record For Longest Relay Swim

The Sea Hawks have completed a 1000km relay swim from the Gateway of India in Mumbai to Mangalore, dedicated to the people who lost their lives in the Mumbai terror attacks eight years ago. 

14 Dec 2016 • Alice Gartland
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A New Fresh Water Swimming Pond For London?

Building on the momentum and interest created by the Save King’s Cross Pond Campaign, a new discussion group has been created for anyone interested in establishing a new freshwater pond in Camden or elsewhere in London. 

07 Dec 2016 • Alice Gartland

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