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RLSS and British Triathlon launch SH2OUT website and swimmer survey

Sh2 Out Event Swimmers In Action

Sh2out, a new partnership to promote safe open water swimming, announced the launch of its website and swimmer survey at an event at West Reservoir, Stoke Newington, last Tuesday (20 May 17).

The two organisations initially announced the creation of Sh2out in January this year. The partnership has five clear objectives for open water swimming: safe venues, secure events, vibrant community, inspiring participation and industry guidance. Initially the focus is on safe venues and the newly launched website lists the five venues that have already been through the accreditation process. More are expected soon.

The accreditation process involves water quality testing, swim course layout (including entry and exit points), risk assessment guidance, workforce review and emergency action planning.

Sh2out is also running a survey to better understand the needs of people who swim outside and therefore help guide the future development of their services. As an incentive to complete the survey, it is running a prize draw for the chance to win a wetsuit.

Complete the survey

Visit the Sh2out website

Sh2 Out Event Steer Buckner And Swimmers

RLSS UK CEO Di Steer and British Triathlon CEO Jack Buckner at the launch event

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