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Wetsuit try-on and test day at Ambleside with Swim the Lakes

Chris Evolution

Lake District-based swimming adventure company “Swim the Lakes” is holding a wetsuit try-on and test day in Ambleside (at the north end of Windermere, England’s longest lake) on Sunday 14 May. Participants will also be able to ask advice from Chris Stirling, an experienced triathlete and SwimRun athlete. The event is aimed at open water swimmers, triathletes and people interested in SwimRun.

Andrea Kelly, a director of Swim the Lakes, says: “The try-on gives swimmers the chance to learn more about wetsuits, how they should fit, and try them out in the water under guidance of experts to ensure they get the right fitting wetsuit. Wetsuit fit is crucially important as it affects a swimmer’s performance and comfort in the water.”

Stirling won the Ben Nevis Braveheart race last year, has placed 2nd at the Celtman races and completed the Norseman extreme triathlon. This summer he will be tackling the inaugural CanadaMan event, where he’s been invited to be a participant reporter.

On the day, wetsuits will be available from Blueseventy and Zone 3 and will include the latter’s Evolution wetsuit which has specifically been designed for SwimRun.

“SwimRun events are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and will feature for the first time this year alongside the Great North Swim in the Lake District,” says Kelly.

Booking is advisable.

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