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Beginner's Guide Part 1

Beginnhers Guide

Our 16-page Beginner's Guide Part 1 is intended to help you start your outdoor swimming journey. Contents include:

  • Why swim outside?
  • Wild swimming guide
  • Outdoor swimming kit
  • Front crawl basics
  • Better breaststroke
  • Thrill to the chill (the joys of cold water swimming)
  • Swimming holidays

The guide was free with Issue 1 of Outdoor Swimmer or is available here for just £2.50 plus postage and packing.

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Cover July17

Issue 4 July 2017

  • Wild Swimming Special
  • Summer Swimming Safety Guidelines
  • Wayfarer in the Wilderness - swimming every tarn in the Lake District
  • Coach Cassie - adapt your stroke for open water
  • Get ready to race - 4 tips for your best race ever

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