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Save 50% on Total Immersion's new online course

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Total Immersion founder, Terry Laughlin, has just launched a new, completely online freestyle swimming course which is available through The Expert Academy, a training portal.

The course usually costs £39 but we are able to offer Outdoor Swimmer readers a 50% discount. 

The Ultra-Efficient Freestyle Complete Self-Coaching Course is designed to teach you to swim a dramatically more efficient freestyle and transform you into your own most effective swim instructor and coach. The course covers:

  • Saving energy over trying to build endurance.
  • Letting conditioning 'happen' while you improve the skills that matter.
  • Achieving comfort, body control, and weightlessness before any other skill.
  • Making your body 'slippery' (reducing drag) over increasing power.
  • Learning technique holistically, so all body parts work in seamless harmony.
  • Swimming a short distance with effortless ease and crisp form before swimming farther.
  • The most effective and fastest-acting skill drills.
  • Practising over working out.

The course consists of a 140-page illustrated ebook, 15 instructional videos, a companion workbook and an image gallery. It is designed to be completed in around 15 to 30 hours over a two-month period.

To take advantage of the offer, please use the following link:

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Swim better freestyle in six weeks.

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