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Have you got a big event planned this summer? Whether it’s your first open water mile or a 10k swim, get ready to race with our five top tips.

1. Book a session with a coach

Unlike swimming in a pool, there are a number of elements unique to outdoor events, such as mass starts, sighting and drafting. Booking a session with a qualified outdoor coach will help introduce these skills and refine them before race day. A coach will also help with your training sessions to get you fit and fast ready for the start line.

Straight Line Swimming has a helpful coach finder with coaches all around the UK, including additional information to ensure you find a coach suited for what you're looking for.

2. Invest in a good wetsuit

When open water swimming, particularly long-distance or when speed is a priority, a good wetsuit is essential. Not only can a good wetsuit keep you warmer when swimming long distances, but it also provides extra buoyancy making you able to swim faster and more efficiently. The new and improved Aspire from ZONE3 is a great choice whether you are a beginner or experienced swimmer. Its one-piece chest and shoulder panel is flexible across the shoulders for less fatigue when swimming, special panels on the forearms give good ‘feel for the water’, and the new neck line offers increased comfort while swimming.

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3. Choose goggles for the open water

The right open water goggles can make all the difference in a race. The ZONE3 Venator-X goggles come in a selection of lenses perfect for all weather conditions and the silicone gaskets make these a comfortable as well as good-looking high-performing goggle.


4. Stay safe and visible

Tow floats are now compulsory at many races. The ZONE3 tow float is a great choice for race day and wild swimming. Highly visible, it also features a 28l bag so you can pack essential items to take with you when you swim.

5. Plan your day and have fun!

Plan your race day so that you minimise any surprises on the day. Research the course, register in advance if possible to save time and stress on the day, prepare yourself for the mass start, plan your pre-swim nutrition and ensure you have trained in all your kit. But most of all, have fun!

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