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We love to share our readers stories and pictures, both in print and on-line, so if you've got something you think is worth publishing, get in touch.

For the magazine

I love open water swimming

Usually printed at the back of the magazine, this is a chance to tell the swimming community what you love about open water swimming or how you discovered it.

Word count: 600.

Swim for good

If you've done or are planning a swim where one of your objectives is to raise funds for a good cause and you have an interesting story around that, tell us here and share your donation page.

Word count: 600.

Please note that for both I love open water swimming and Swim for good we will need a selection of relevant high-resolution images including a portrait picture.

Guest coach

If you're an experienced coach and have a unique, relevant and interesting training idea or methodology to share, let us know. This is a great way to promote your brand.

Word count: 1000 to 1200.

Call to Action

Does something in the world of swimming need fixing or improving? Have you got an idea what should be done. Let us know about it.

World count: 600.

Destination focus

Are you familiar with a particular part of the country or the world that offers fantastic open water and wild swimming opportunities? Would you like to share that with other swimmers?

Word count: 1000.

Inspirational stories and other feature ideas

If you think our readers will like it and you can write it, let us know.

Word count: 1000 to 1200.


Is there something you like or don't like about Outdoor Swimmer or a swim you've done or anything open water swimming related? Get it off your chest with a quick email to Outdoor Swimmer

Word count: 50 to 200.

For the website

Readers' swims

Have you done an interesting swim that you'd like to add to our website collection? There's lots of scope here to share your successes and inspire other swimmers.

Word count: 300 to 1000.

Event reports

This is the place to tell us about your favourite race and why the rest of us should consider doing it.

Word count: 300 to 1000.

Guest blog

If you need to have a rant or have got some sage advice to share, consider putting it into a guest blog post.

Word count: 400 to 600.

Miscellaneous open water related news, stories, reviews etc.

For anything that doesn't fit into one our categories above but you think needs sharing.

Word count: up to 750.

Please also see our submission guidelines

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