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Destination Focus

Vienna Main Image


Austria's swimming autobahn

04 Aug 2017
Camusdarach Beach


Wild swimming north of the border

02 Aug 2017
Swimmers Crossing The Hellespont

The Hellespont

Crossing the Dardanelles, crossroads between east and west

10 Jul 2017
Ponte De Sao Joao


Our guide to wild swimming in Portugal

10 Jul 2017
Tiger TriComp
Kryathlon Main Image Revised

Czech Republic

Jonathan Cowie takes part in the ultimate winter triathlon

27 Apr 2017
Connor Flotilla

Lake Memphremagog

What lies beneath and ahead for a storied Canadian-American swim. By Elaine K Howley

29 Mar 2017

Costa Brava

Vies Braves are a new way of swimming safely in busy seas – on buoy-marked routes north and south of Barcelona 

14 Feb 2017

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