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Think of Slovenia and images of pristine lakes, alpine villages and the iconic Lake Bled come to mind. A swimming holiday seems a perfect way to enjoy its natural beauty. This central European country is full of exciting swimming opportunities – here’s why you should consider exploring Slovenia from the water.

Alpine backdrops

There’s something incredibly humbling when your outdoor swimming takes you alongside impressive and imposing peaks. Vast and expansive, yet still able to offer a cosy and intimate feel to river and lake swimming, mountains bring a special feel to an open-air swim. Slovenia’s northwest is a largely mountainous area of incredible landscapes with views of the Alps. The Julian Alps surround Lake Bohinj and stretch to Lake Bled, where the hills of Straža and Ojstrica offer up great elevated views over the lake.

Many beautiful swim spots

There are so many stunning lakes and rivers to swim in in Slovenia, from smaller bodies of water, to the wider expanses of Lake Cerknica. There’s a great amount of choice of swimming available, with each swim spot offering the beauty of Slovenia’s stunning outdoors, each with its own distinct appeal. Lake Bohinj offers a wider, calmer expanse to swim in, Bled gives the iconic views, the chances to swim around the country’s only natural island, and the Soca River has a wide appeal, from the thrill of its rapids, to the laidback charm of the calmer parts of the stream.

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Waterfalls and hikes

From waterfalls, walks and hikes up over the surrounding areas, there’s so much to enjoy pre and post swim around Slovenia. The colour of the water that can be found here has an almost magical quality, from milky green tones at the lakes’ edges, to jewel-like emerald tones and blue and brilliant turquoise sections found along the winding River Soca.

Refreshing but warm waters

In inland Slovenia, the swimming on offer is the invigorating delights of freshwater swimming (so no salty tongues!). The lakes in the northwest of the country enjoy water temperatures in the low 20s (degrees Celsius) in July and August, and it’s a great temperature to comfortably swim a few kilometres without getting too hot.

Calm currents

Flat, calm waters are a welcome feature in Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled, allowing for easily accessible swimming. Even in the Soca River, which has areas that are perfect for rapids rafting, there are also calmer areas. For the swimmer who enjoys a peaceful and serene swim, this is the place to head to.

Olivia Weatherill is Marketing Executive at SwimTrek.

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