The Cala Montgó Swim Festival 2014

Over-developed it might be but Spain’s Costa Brava still has some beautiful spots, and many of those are best discovered from the sea.
Cala Montgó beach in the town of L’Escala sits at the end of a large natural harbour. On one side it is bounded by unspoilt national park while on the other low-rise white-washed houses cling to the steep hillside. While the region is often battered by the famous tramuntana wind, the bay is sheltered enough that swimming is almost always possible. The water is clear, calm and (at least in summer) warm – around 21 degrees Celsius at the time of the swim festival.
The festival offers swimmers a range of distances to choose from, with the longer swims taking participants out of the sheltered bay and into the open sea where you can swim alongside the limestone cliffs or even (conditions permitting) through a tunnel in the rocks.
You can read a full report on the event in the Dec 14/Jan 15 issue of the magazine or get a taste from the video below.
From 2015, the Cala Montgó swims will form part of the Oceanman Championships.

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