Porridge Example

To Eat or Not to Eat

During endurance exercise your body utilises two major fuel sources: carbohydrate and fat

07 Dec 2015

Eating disorders advice

Eating disorders can and do affect swimmers. In our Feb/Mar 2013 issue we look at this subject in detail. The table below offers advice for both sufferers and their friends and family

15 Jan 2013

Food planner

Having a framework (or goal) for our nutrition is crucial. We might be trying to lose weight, gain muscle or tailor our nutrition for a race. Whatever the aim, it makes sense to plan and keep track of what we eat.

26 Jul 2012

Real Life Nutrition - Part 2

The word ‘diet’ can mean both what you eat and drink in general terms or a specific, prescribed nutrition programme that you’ve elected to follow often, but not necessarily, to lose weight, so its usage can be confusing

01 Jun 2012

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