Training Sessions

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Get a Rhythm

How to use a Tempo Trainer to optimise your stroke rate for maximum speed

23 Aug 2016
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Up the tempo

In a new series of articles, Fiona Ford looks at how to incorporate training tools into your swim sessions

01 Jun 2016
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Push the pace

If you want to cope with tactical surges and changes of pace in a race you need to prepare for it in training

31 May 2016
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Protect your winter gains

Make sure your move back to open water in summer doesn’t undermine a winter’s worth of hard training

03 May 2016
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Avoid the 'one-speed' trap

To swim faster and race well in open water you need to develop pace versatility in training

05 Apr 2016

Train like a master

Fiona Ford encourages open water swimmers to imitate masters swimmers’ training schedules

08 Mar 2016

Make sure you're ready for your next outdoor swim

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