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Winter training 2 - 1hr, 3km with torpedo drill

Water Slaves | Simon Griffiths | H2Open Editor | Thursday 04 October 2012
This is another set aimed at easing you back into the pool and chlorinated water after the summer outside. This set concentrates mainly on front crawl technique work. Nothing too strenuous whilst we acclimatise to the warm water once again for the winter season

04 Oct 2012

Winter training 1 - 1hr 3.5km

This set includes some medley work (ie when you swim all four strokes in the order butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, frontcrawl) and a big kick set. An efficient kick is really important in swimming for body position and reducing drag

27 Sep 2012

6km Swim Training Session (1.5-2 hours)

To complete this as written, you should be capable of swimming repeatedly 100m off 90secs. Times and distances should be altered to match your current ability and fitness levels.

01 May 2012

10km Fast Split option

We all know long distance swim sets can be boring and there is a danger you become a plodder just ploughing through those lengths and getting ever slower.

01 May 2012

How to cut 5% off your mile time

If you're training for the Henley Mile or a 1 mile Great Swim event this year, you may be wondering if it's possible to improve your time by 5%. Lorraine Rate, our Water Slaves coach, says it is.

06 Apr 2012

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