Embrace the medley – session 3

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Adding other strokes to your training will enhance your strength, fitness and swimming ability, says Fiona Ford

Warm up

200m FC, 200m medley kick (fins optional)

Build set

Fins optional

4x50m as 25m FLY (or BRS) or kick into 25m FLY or BRS +10 sec rest after each 50m

4x50m as 25m BS into 25m FC or kick +10 sec rest after each 50m

Main set

2 to 3 x 200m FC strong effort with excellent technique + 30 sec rest

4 to 6 x 100m with fins as reverse medley +30 sec after each.

400m PULL easy pace. On every 4th 25m your choice of medley strokes.

Cool down

400m easy swimming and include 100m double arm backstroke.



For further details on this training set, please see our December 2017 issue.


More info on our squad training at Richmond, SW London can be found on the website where we are developing pool based skills all the way through to the New Year in our sessions.

Link to two-minute tutorial for mastering tumble turns in three steps:

Swim Smooth Squad Training and Video Analysis Sessions

Triathlon Europe provides weekly Swim Smooth squad training in South West London. The squad enjoy training all year round in fabulous indoor and outdoor 33m pools. Fiona offers swim training plans, 1-2-1 video analysis sessions and stroke correction sessions on weekday mornings and weekend Swim Smooth workshops.

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