Tune-up time – session 4

Training Straight Knee

Get back to the pool for a refresh, reset and tune-up.

Warm up

3x200m FS or PULL, last length sculling or doggy paddle. Take 30 sec rest after each 100m.

Check your catch and pull phases are linked with the theme of pressing water behind you.

Main set

10x100m with 15 to 30s rest after each as:
1 & 2. FS – sprint first and last lengths, increase stroke rate and optimal kick rhythm 3 & 4. FS with fins – kicking on side first 50m and finishing stroke to thighs on FS
5 & 6. FS with paddles – working on initiating the catch and high, bent elbow pull. 7 & 8. FS @ CSS or threshold pace
9 & 10. PULL – Use your shoulder width as reference for hand entry points and pull phase. Hands track beneath each shoulder with elbows the widest point.

10x50m with 15 to 30s after each:
1 to 4. FS – sprint the first length on 1 & 3 and second length on 2 & 4.
5 to 8. FS with fins – sprint the first length on 1 & 3 and 2nd length on 2 & 4.
9 & 10. FS pull and paddles – finishing stroke to thighs to increase propulsion.

Cool down

100m FS, 100m KICK on front with sculling arms, 100m FS, 100m PULL, 100m FS.



For further details on this training set, please see our November 2017 issue.


FS = Freestyle   
PULL = Hold a pull buoy (a type of float) between your legs and just use your arms   
Catch = The moment at the front of the stroke when your hand and forearm “catch” the water before pressing back   
CSS = Critical Swim Speed or threshold pace (roughly the pace you can sustain for 1500m)

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