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Sign up now: http://www.levelwater.org/12hr-liverpool-2022

You’ve stumbled upon the most ridiculous swim out there. A 12hr swim relay where you and up to three others swim for an hour each, for 12 hours, in Liverpool Docks.

Yeah, I know. It’s long. Really long. But if you can say yes to these questions, then you should probably sign up:

  1. Can you swim and are comfortable in the water for an hour?
  1. Do you want to use the power of your swimming to raise money for 1-1 swimming lessons for children with disabilities?
  1. Do you seek the ridiculous and thrive in the challenge, knowing that if you keep going, anything is possible?
  1. Do you want to be part of a pilot event, being the first to take on a brand new type of swimming event to the world?

There’s no timing, no distance goals, and no winners. The glory is the finish line, knowing you and your team have just swum from dawn till dusk, raising money for children with disabilities.

Which is all pretty wonderful.

Entry fee: £20

Fundraising target: £150

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Princes Dock,
L3 1DZ

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