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Sea Swim | 2nd Sep 2022 | Queensland, Australia | 0 stars

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Take part in one of the ultimate bucket list Ocean Swims you could ever enjoy - the Great Barrier Reef Ocean Swim Series. The races are held annually directly over the stunning Great Barrier Reef - around a course of buoys, along the Barrier Reef ridge - it is stunning! All races are held during the Australian winter season - when the ocean will be around 25 degrees, the prevailing conditions are excellent, and any risk from marine life is absolutely minimised.

The swims are a full day out on the Reef - travelling by boat from either Cairns or Port Douglas, approximately 60 Kms off the coast line to large pontoons moored alongside the reef. It is a full day out, leaving approximately 8am, and returning about 5pm. As well as the swims you will have included the chance to enjoy snorkel, scuba, underwater submarines, meals, merchandise, photography, access to clinics, all as part of the package.

The event ambassador, who attends the races, is 3 time OLympic Gold medallist, Leisel Jones.

The 2022 races are:

  • The 2022 Classics – 4th September – Moore Reef (50 Kms off Cairns) – a 3kms or 5kms race, in age bands, around a 1km course.
  • The Challenge - 22nd October – Moore Reef (50 Kms off Cairns) – a 3kms race around a 1km course plus,
  • Swim the Reef – 1Km fun swim – where fins and snorkels are all allowed.

If you’re serious about racing and the dates suit you – go for the Classics. The Challenge 3Km will still be a formal race, while the 1KM Swim the Reef is more a swim for fun – so there will be a less competitive feel to that day.

Come on down!

Location and directions

Moore Reef and Agincourt Reef,
off Cairns/Port Douglas,

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