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River Swim | 3rd Sep 2022 | South Devon, UK | 0 stars

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SIGN UP NOW: https://www.levelwater.org/dart10k-2022

Now’s the time to join the 10km Swim Club by taking part in the iconic Dart10k. The first, and arguably finest, 10km swim on the open water calendar. By taking on this epic swim you’ll be raising money for Level Water who provide 1-1 swimming lessons for children with disabilities across the UK.

Never has an event captured the pure essence and ethos of a community as the Dart10k has done for wild swimmers. Starting in Totnes, you’ll meet hundreds of swimmers ready to take on the river Dart. The smiles. The hugs. The anticipation all around you that something incredible is about to happen.

Now’s the time to use the power of your swimming to change lives for children with disabilities. Sign up now.

Entry Fee: £55

Fundraising Target: £200

This is a fully supported swim in one of the most beautiful stretches of rivers in the UK. There will be water safety and lifeguards throughout, medical support, feeding stations on the river and a cup of hot chocolate waiting for you at the finish.

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