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Rocky Horror SwimRun

Other | 8th Jun 2019 | Devon, UK | 0.00 stars

Organiser's Description

The Rocky Horror SwimRun incorporates a 15.5 mile, 7-mile and 3.5-mile sprint swimrun and sets off from the stunning Thurlestone Bay, home of the locally famous Thurlestone Rock! Hope Cove and Salcombe's South and North sands. It is part of the Rock Sea Sports Weekend at South Milton Sands and forms part of the second South West SwimRun Series. Bring your family for a day out in early summer. Participants can park for free. Tickets include solos and pairs categories.

Rocky Horror (swims, 1.25 miles, runs 14.75 miles)

Love On The Rocks (swims, 1 mile, runs, 6.25 miles)

Rocky Ending (swims, 1 mile, runs, 2.5 miles)

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