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Shipping now: Trends in Outdoor Swimming 2022

We’ve spent the last few months analysing the data from our Attitudes to Outdoor Swimming survey and talking to experts and leaders from the world of outdoor swimming.

19 Mar 2022 • Outdoor Swimmer

Brand new sports programme to improve diversity in triathlons

LimeLight sports club and BADU Sports have joined forces to launch a brand-new programme to empower children and young people through sports and to break down barriers that are traditionally associated with triathlons.

18 Mar 2022 • Elle England
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Outdoor Swimmer at the Rivers Trust Conference

Our founder Simon Griffiths will be joining a panel of experts to discuss “Rivers Fit to Swim In” at the River Trust’s Conference tomorrow (Tuesday 15 March) at 2:45pm.

14 Mar 2022 • Elle England

Swim Wild and Free

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