Outdoor Swimmer February 2021 (digital)

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In the March issue:

  • Swimming with MND - How Alex Francis is redefining adventure with a regime of cold water swimming
  • New Horizons - Meet lockdown's army of new swimmers
  • On the Dry Side - How other sports can support your swimming. Plus, strength & conditioning exercises for you to try at home
  • UK Travel - Wild swim walks in Cornwall


  • Swimming and Breast Cancer - What are your options if you are taking to the water post-cancer surgery
  • The Native Origins of Freestyle - how white people named a style of swimming indigenous people had mastered millennia before
  • The Brain Drain - Learn how to help manage anxiety before a swim or race
  • How To... Put on a Wetsuit - The best way to put on and fit a wetsuit

And... more in-depth features & interviews, outdoor swimming news, training & technique, nature & wildlife and kit reviews.

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Issue 48 April 2021

  • Revival! Celebrating our pools and lidos
  • The environmental impact of your swim kit
  • Top tips for returning to swimming after lockdown
  • How to find a wetsuit that fits
  • Legends of the selkies – the myths of underwater folk

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