"Swim Wild And Free" silicone swim hats - new design for Autumn 2019

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Tell everyone what you do with one of our "Swim Wild and Free" swim hats - available in five brilliant colours and a new design for Autumn 2019

Our Swim Wild and Free hats are high quality silicone swimming hats designed exclusively for Outdoor Swimmer by swimmer and artist Nancy Farmer.

Hats are £5.95 plus P&P. (P&P is £1 for UK, £2 for Europe and £3 for RoW).

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Cover November19

Issue 32 November 2019

  • Mind, Body & Soul - Celebrating the wild swimming community
  • Guide to the Sea - Understanding winds
  • Key Sessions – Keri-anne Payne explains the basics of training
  • Tried & Tested – Neoprene accessories
  • Dark Skies – Exploring nocturnal landscapes with Tiffany Francis

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