Trends in Outdoor Swimming

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This 52-page report created by the Outdoor Swimmer team looks at the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on outdoor swimming. It is based on the findings from a survey of more than 2000 swimmers, interviews with key figures in the world of outdoor swimming and additional desk research. The report is professionally designed and laid out and printed on high-quality paper. Key findings include the increasing participation of women in outdoor swimming, the rising popularity of winter swimming and the importance of outdoor swimming for mental and physical well-being.

The report is aimed at professionals working in the world of outdoor swimming and provides actionable intelligence on what swimmers do and are looking for.

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01 Cover January 22

Issue 57 January 2022

  • Swim To Live: the new wave of men’s swim groups swimming for better mental health
  • The Ice Queen: Kate Steels’ Ice Sevens
  • Swimterview: Ella Foote swims with body positive campaigner and cold water convert Jules Von Hep
  • The Epic Eriksons: Father and son marathon swimmers Jon and Ted Erikson
  • On Test: Changing robes and skincare
  • A post-festive pool session from Dan Bullock

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