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Swans SR-2 Mirrored Goggle

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Last issue we reviewed the Open Water Seven goggle from Swans, but for the past couple of months we have also been wearing the company’s most popular goggle, the SR-2 Mirrored. Although these are more of a racing/training goggle, they are also suitable for use in the open water (especially as they have UV protection). 

The goggles come in a sturdy box to keep them scratch free (especially useful if you are swimming outdoors where sand and rocks are more hazardous than the poolside). We liked that the goggles come with four nose bridges so you can get the perfect fit. The goggles feel like a high quality product and come in eight colours. 

These are a simple goggle, adjusted easily by a single toggle on the double strap. They are low profile for racing but comfortable enough to train in (although they are the smaller style of goggle so a different fit to larger open water goggles). The Sr-2 are FINA approved, if you are planning on racing in them. 




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Issue 7 October 2017

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