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The Lido Spa range of products were developed at Bristol Lido which opened in 2008; they are used in all the shower facilities as well as in the spa treatment rooms. In 2017, the Bristol Lido team restored another derelict outdoor swimming pool in Reading and launched Thames Lido, which also uses the same products.

The range has been created using unique, delicious fragrances employing natural essential oils and ingredients that are gentle on your skin and hair – whether you’re in our spa, going for a dip in the pool, or snatching a precious few minutes to soak in your own bath at home.

The winner will receive a range of products including Rudie Nudie Shower Gel, Slap & Tickle Body Lotion, Soft Touch Hand Lotion, Fingers & Thumbs Hand Wash, Diffuser, Candle and a Bar of Organic Soap.

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Monday 30th Sep 2019

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