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H2 Open Prize

The prize

Share your best swimming shots with us for the chance to have your photo published as a double-page spread in the 'Dive In' section of Outdoor Swimmer magazine and on our social media channels – and win a bundle of Selkie kit if your photo is picked as Editor’s Choice.

How to enter

Submit a Photo

  • Send photos to
  • Please submit large, high-resolution images suitable for reproduction as a double page spread in print. Images that are not of sufficient quality to print in the magazine will not be considered eligible for the prize.
  • The photo must include at least one swimmer.
  • No more than five images. Maximum attachment size 10MB per email.
  • No similar images from the same shoot – choose your best shot.
  • Include a caption explaining where the photo was taken and who is in the photo (if you know).
  • Include your Instagram and Twitter handles if you have them.
  • Please only submit photos that you have taken.
  • By submitting your photos, you grant Outdoor Swimmer and Selkie non-exclusive rights to use your photos in our print magazine, in advertising, on our websites and on our Facebook pages and other social media channels.

Closing date

Thursday 28th Feb 2019

Cover Feb19

Issue 23 February 2019

  • Outdoor swimming and ageing - the tonic of longevity?
  • The Need for Speed -how to swim fast by swimming slowly, faster
  • The Urban Mermaid - swimming the length of the Thames collecting litter
  • 7 top tips for swimming in cold water

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