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Phill Crutcher

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Your chance to win goggles as worn by Channel Swimmer Phill Crutcher!

On 30 July this year Phill Crutcher succeeded in a solo crossing of the English Channel. The swim took 12 hours and 25 minutes. He praised Phelps XCEED goggles and mentioned that at no point did he have to touch or adjust the goggles in any way, they did not fog up, did not leak and protected his eyes from the salt. He even added that he was stung repeatedly by jellyfish but the equipment did not let him down!

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For your chance to win a pair of these goggles, with mirrored lenses, courtesy of Phelps (worth £35.99) answer the question below.

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Saturday 31st Oct 2020

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Issue 43 November 2020

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