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At H2Open we're committed to helping you make the most of swimming outside. Our aim is to bring you the best open water swimming has to offer, from fabulous swimming locations, amazing challenges and the best training advice under our themes of EXPLORE, ENJOY and EXCEL. So, whether you're new to the sport and looking for advice on getting started or an old hand after some some training tips, you'll find the information you need between our pages. Or, if you're more of a leisure swimmer, you'll love our destination features, top spots and holiday ideas. Our readers come from all around the globe. They call themselves wild swimmers, sea swimmers, ice swimmers, outdoor swimmers, marathon swimmers or just plain swimmers. Some are young, others are young at heart, but they all love open water swimming.

We publish H2Open Magazine bi-monthly starting in February. You can subscribe to the print magazine from anywhere in the world or you can read us digitally on your PC, iPad or Android device.
Even if you don't (yet) swim outside you'll still enjoy our inspirational stories and training advice, and hopefully we can help you get out of that chlorinated box.

H2Open is independently published and is written by swimmers for swimmers and was launched in February 2011 by Simon Griffiths who continues with the magazine as managing editor. Simon is a frequent and enthusiastic swimmer who has swum the length of Coniston, the length of Windermere and the Solent. He's also been a national masters champion in the pool over the much shorter distance of 200m. 

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