Climategames Swim Challenges


December Public Event Links:

This month we are celebrating swimming any distance that you can achieve. Whether you’re heading into cold water swimming season in the Northern hemisphere or the warmer temperatures in the Southern hemisphere, take this month to get in the water and as much or as little as you’d like!

Cold Water Dip Swim Challenge [15% off Outdoor Swimmer + 1g of plastic removed from the World’s Waterways] – Click the link on a mobile device to download the Climategames app and join the event.

Subscriber Only Events: 

5k December Swim Challenge – 40g of plastic removed per participant completion

5k November Swim Challenge – 40g of plastic removed per participant completion

This private challenge is only open to print magazine subscribers. To take part in our offsetting challenges, become a magazine subscriber today. Sign up via Climategames and we will also plant a tree for your subscription.

Private links are sent to the print magazine subscribers each month via email.


Outdoor Swimmer magazine has partnered with Climategames for 2022. Our mission is to remove 350kg of plastic and to plant 1,000 trees through all our subscribers’ logged swims over the next 12 months.  Magazine subscribers can join our subscriber-only events, on the Climategames app and log each of their swims. On completion of the challenge, the participant will receive confirmation that their swim efforts have contributed to the removal of either plastic or trees (depending on which event they sign up to). It’s a simple way for us to work together to help reduce our impact on the environment. 

Not a subscriber? Join our FREE public events to gain access to discounts from Outdoor Swimmer and other swim brands throughout the year. Find the events listed below.


Click on the event links with a phone to download the Climategames app. Please note, the app will not download to a pc or laptop.

The Outdoor Swimmer offsetting events are only open to magazine subscribers and patrons. Non magazine subscribers are invited to join the free public events to claim discounts for Outdoor Swimmer.

Climategames is a social start-up and first-of-its-kind app, which enables you to combine physical activity with action on climate change. It’s an easy and competitive way for people to neutralise their CO2 emissions, plant trees and remove plastic from our oceans, through swimming, walking, running and cycling.

“There is no one single solution to stop climate change, but with consumer lifestyle changes, remaining active and restoration projects, everyone can do their part,” says the team behind Climategames. “Supporting climate programs protect the natural world, focus on big restoration projects and build solutions for the future. This is how we can drive short-term reductions and long-term systemic change.”

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