Climategames Swim Challenges

Help the planet’s fitness as well as your own with each swim

We’re working with ClimateGames, an organising dedicated to turning physical activity into positive action for the environment. Each month, we run a swim challenge through ClimateGames. When you join in, you help us remove plastic from the ocean.

How to join

Outdoor Swimmer offsetting events are currently open to anyone. To take part, download the app and search for Outdoor Swimmer challenges.

About ClimateGames

Climategames is a social start-up and first-of-its-kind app, which enables you to combine physical activity with action on climate change. It’s an easy and competitive way for people to neutralise their CO2 emissions, plant trees and remove plastic from our oceans, through swimming, walking, running and cycling.

“There is no one single solution to stop climate change, but with consumer lifestyle changes, remaining active and restoration projects, everyone can do their part,” says the team behind Climategames. “Supporting climate programs protect the natural world, focus on big restoration projects and build solutions for the future. This is how we can drive short-term reductions and long-term systemic change.”

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