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Our mission is to help you make the most of outdoor swimming. Outdoor Swimmer magazine is designed to:

  • Help you expand your swimming horizons and reach your swimming goals
  • Show you the best places to swim, from quick dips to long-distance challenges
  • Keep you safe in the water and help you access the health and wellbeing benefits of outdoor swimming
  • Answer your questions on swimming technique and training
  • Report on and support campaigns for cleaner water and better access for swimmers

As a magazine subscriber we’ll invite you to talks and Q&A sessions (via Zoom) to meet swimming experts and adventurers. Plus you’ll be supporting our work in informing and influencing policymakers about the needs of the outdoor swimming community.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of, choose one of our print or digital subscription options. If you’re still not sure, why not hop onto Outdoor Swimmer Extra for a free trial?

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Simon Griffiths, founder and publisher, Outdoor Swimmer magazine

p.s. we’re super friendly and helpful. If you’ve got any questions, you can reach me at info@outdoorswimmer.com

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Outdoor Swimmer magazine is keeping me motivated in the water. I feel so confident
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Outdoor Swimmer Patron level subscriber
Let me just take the opportunity to extend my gratitude and admiration to you all at the magazine: it is BY FAR the best thing in my post box. I absolutely love the articles and the photography is stunning. The positive vibe that comes through on every page is contagious, and the inclusiveness of every one of all abilities, (and body types) is a rare thing for a magazine or organisation to embrace.
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Reading outdoor swimmers magazine reminds me how joyful, alive and fluid I feel in the ocean. I can be in the warmth of my house and the sense of freedom, immersion in nature and oneness with the elements is brought back to me by reading one of your  articles.
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I love Outdoor Swimmer and your commitment so much: now I live swimming very differently than before, with an inner peace and awareness, thanks to your magazine!
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October 2023 – “Back To Pool”

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