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WAKEcup zero waste starter kit

Global WAKEcup is a zero-waste reusables brand with a mission to end single use plastic pollution. According to WAKEcup, besides food packaging, 90% of single-use plastic waste comes from the ‘Big Four’ – bags, bottles, cups and straws – and that by eliminating these items from your daily routine, you’ll be help reduce the use of single use plastic. Their zero-waste starter kit comes with all four of these items, which are made from a range of recycled materials including organic bamboo and recyclable polypropylene.

They recently sent us one of their zero waste starter kits to review. Here’s what we thought.

Organic bamboo water bottle

The sustainably sourced organic bamboo water bottle keeps hot drinks warm for two hours and comes with an infuser for loose leaf tea. We found the bottle held a decent amount of liquid – a large mug’s worth – which is great for warming up after a winter swim. We haven’t been able to test its capabilities during warm weather, but initial results show that it keeps water cool for a few hours. The bamboo finish on the outside of the bottle feels premium and is pleasant to hold. Overall, the product is sturdy, the lid fits nice and tight, and it feels like it’s built to last.

Coffee cup

Like the water bottle, the WAKEcup coffee cup is also made from organic bamboo and features a stainless-steel lining. Instead of the steel lid, the coffee cup features a recyclable polypropylene lid with a flip catch to sip your drink through. When open, the flip catch clicks onto the lid which means it’s doesn’t hit your face when you tilt the cup. On the bottom there’s also a layer of padding, which means the cup doesn’t scratch against surfaces. We see this as more of an everyday coffee cup rather than something you would take in your bag on swims, but it’s still a stylish and well-built option for when you’re in work or on the go.


The brown WAKEcup backpack is 100% vegan, made from poly paper fibres, which are biodegradable and recyclable, and are spun and then bonded together to create the look of paper. On first inspection, we had doubts about how hard-wearing the bag would be. The material looks like cardboard, but after a closer look it feels thick and durable; it absorbs water when wet, but the waterproof coating inside the bag means your items don’t get wet. The bag folds over at the top and is fastened using a metal button, which means there is no barrier apart from the fold in the bag to keep water out. In heavy rain this could be an issue, but so far we haven’t had any problems. On the outside of the bag there are two compartments with zip pockets, with an inner pocket on the inside, which is suitable for valuables and laptops.

Bamboo straw

The bamboo straw is a nice addition to the starter kit. It feels solid and durable and offers a pleasant drinking experience compared to metal alternatives we have tried.

Overall, this starter kit is a great option for starting your zero-waste journey, with durable and high-quality products made from recyclable and renewable materials. WAKEcup also donate 10% of profits from every sale to the Marine Conservation Society.


Zero Waste Starter Kit

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