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Soak your body and mind with TRIHARD

As the weather cools, plunge into a soothing bath to recover and relax

Despite spending a lot of time in the water I still love to get home from a swim and plunge into the bath. There is nothing more warming after a cool swim and nothing more relaxing after a workout at the pool but finding the perfect bubble bath or product isn’t an easy task. Lots of products can leave your skin feeling dry and never remove the smell of chlorine, but TRIHARD’s new Muscle & Mind Soak is soothing and smells wonderful. I leave the bath relaxed and sweet smelling.

I first tried TRIHARD products when seeking a decent moisturiser to combat chlorine smells and sooth my dry skin. As a swim coach and teacher, I can spend many hours in the pool or in open water and hate the smell of chlorine on my skin that lingers even after a shower. TRIHARD offers pre and post swim solutions to protect and treat the body from the effects of pool, sweat and salt.

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I am already a fan of TRIHARD products, I love the shampoo which leaves the scalp zingy and fresh smelling after a long shift at the pool, so I was excited to try the Muscle & Mind Soak. On longer swims, no matter what I try, I suffer with calf cramps. With my swim guiding I often walk long distances as well as swim distance with clients. My legs and feet really suffer with tightness and soreness. A hot bath is often a great solution. The Muscle & Mind Soak are cubes of recovery bath salts and aim to target muscle soreness and maximise healing. The tablets are made of natural oils, including jojoba and obliphica along with dead sea minerals, magnesium chloride red algae and aloe vera. Bathing with the soak nourishes and heals damaged, dry, and cracked skin while also reduces swelling, tightness, and cramps.

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I loved the smell as I sunk into the bath. I immediately felt relaxed and enjoyed soaking in the milky seaweed water. I even immersed my head and hair, with no need for extra shampoo, I left the bath feeling lighter and with no trace of chlorine. As the nights draw in and the swims turn shorter and colder outside and longer more intense in the pool, I will be spending more time in the bath soaking with TRIHARD.

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Ella is renowned outdoor swimmer and journalist. As well as leading the editorial, digital and experiential outputs for Outdoor Swimmer she is also Director of Dip Advisor, a swim guiding business helping people enjoy wild water. Ella also teaches swimming to children and adults, is an Open Water Coach and RLSS Open Water Lifeguard.