Take on the new virtual challenge from Compete Impossible – and win prizes

Compete Impossible

Outdoor Swimmer magazine is teaming up with Compete Impossible so that you can pick up freebies, just for swimming. It’s really simple; Compete Impossible is a virtual athletic events App that tracks your swims, just like your Garmin, and converts that activity into rewards; from swim hats to wetsuits.

The app also creates league tables and competitions so you can track your activity against friends and compete in digital competitions and leagues. All you need to do is connect your existing tracker to the app or use the one inbuilt within Compete Impossible.

At Outdoor Swimmer, we’re taking things a little further and creating a virtual swim across the English Channel over the months of June and July. Everyone who completes the 21-mile virtual challenge will be entered into a prize draw to win a pair of Form goggles, with their smart display technology, and a Taymory wetsuit, one of Europe’s leading wetsuit brands. For every mile swam during the months of June and July, we’re giving £1 to Swim Tayka.

To get involved, simply download Compete Impossible from the AppStore or Google Play. Once on the app, anyone competing can continue to track their swims and pick up hundreds of different freebies, just for doing their normal swims.

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Issue 50 June 2021

  • The Spell of the Sea: Why does the ocean hold such an allure?
  • How can we turn the tide and make outdoor swimming more accessible for all?
  • Smash you mile PB with a training plan from triple Olympian Keri-anne Payne
  • Adventure swimming: How to get started in swimcamping
  • Will swimming outdoors make my Raynaud's worse?

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