Courtney Paulk attempts record-breaking double Triple Crown with two-way English Channel crossing

Courtney Paulk

Marathon swimmer Courtney Paulk has today set off on her third attempt to complete a double crossing of the English Channel; the final swim in her bid to achieve a double Triple Crown.

If she manages to complete the two-way English Channel swim, she will become the first person in history to achieve a double Triple Crown, having already completed a two-way Catalina Channel crossing and a double circumnavigation of Manhattan.

The lawyer from Richmond, Virginia, said before the swim that she felt “really good and really strong”, having been able to continue training through April and May when pools were closed due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

This will be Courtney’s third attempt at completing the double Triple Crown, with her previous attempts in 2012 and 2019 having been scuppered by bad weather.

You can follow Courtney’s swim live as it happens on her tracker at

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