Record 45km Hong Kong Circumnavigation to Fund Learn to Swim Programmes for 5,000 #HK360

Simon Holliday is attempting a 45km circumnavigation around Hong Kong Island, on a mission to raise HK$1,000,000 for Splash Foundation, to provide free learn-to-swim programs to 5,000 members from under-resourced communities in Hong Kong by 2020. If successful, he will be the first man to successfully complete a solo circumnavigation of the island. With tides, currents, marine traffic and potentially adverse weather conditions the swim will take anywhere between 15 and 18 hours. 

The swim is scheduled to take place on 11 November, subject to weather conditions.

This is another chapter in an inspiring swim journey for Simon, Kayaker Shu Pu, the Splash community and support team.

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Shu Pu and Simon 

Simon learned to swim seriously in his late

twenties and completed a Solo crossing of the English Channel in 2011. He has been living and

working in Hong Kong for four years. He broke a world record in 2014, swimming from Hong Kong to Macau in 10 hours and 20

minutes, raising HK$250,000 for Ocean Recovery Alliance, addressing the issue of plastic

waste pollution. Simon continued to contribute to the local community by setting up Splash

Foundation in 2015 providing free

learn-to-swim and water safety programs for underprivileged children, domestic helpers and


“Two and a half years ago, I founded Splash with some swimming friends. We were shocked, in this dense, urban setting surrounded by water, that there are many people who are unable to swim. I’m pleased to say that by the end of 2017, Splash Foundation will have helped over 1,000 adults and young people learn to swim and be water safe. No doubt open water endurance swims are extremely challenging, both physically and mentally. Yet every time I complete one, I feel empowered and full of energy. These swims drive me to help more people in need. HK360Swim (45km) is farther than I have ever swum before, but I am confident that we will set another world record.” 

Hk360 Swim Route Eta

The swim will start in the early hours of the morning at Sai WanS wimming Shed near Kennedy Town 

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Good luck Simon, Shu Pu and the #HK360 and Splash team! We love what you’re doing!

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