Chloë McCardel and Nik Haynes set new English Channel swimming records

Nik Haynes

Channel swimmer Nik Haynes and record-breaking marathon swimmer Chloë McCardel both made history in the English Channel last week, setting new individual records.

On Friday 7 August, Haynes, a secondary school teacher from Devon, became the third person in history to swim the Channel using backstroke, making his way to France in 12 hours, 52 minutes and 41 seconds.

He now also holds the world record for the fastest backstroke crossing.

On the same day, Chloë McCardel, who set the world record for the longest unassisted ocean swim in 2014, completed her 34th crossing also on Friday, equalling the current men’s record for the most Channel swims.

The Australian swam the Channel three times in just nine days to equal the record. She now looks to surpass it though, and will attempt her 35th English Channel crossing later on this month.

The current women's record is held by retired English swimmer Alison Streeter MBE, who has completed 43 crossings.

You can read more on these record-breaking swims in the September print edition of Outdoor Swimmer magazine, which is now available for pre-order.

Image (c) Katia Vastiau

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Issue 42 October 2020

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  • Autumn swim adventures around the UK
  • The science behind cold water acclimatisation
  • Reviewed: The Best Open Water Goggles
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