Sh2out publish new coronavirus guidance for outdoor swimmers and venues

Following government announcements that outdoor swimming is a permitted form of exercise, Sh2out has published new guidance for both outdoor swimmers and venues.

The advice has been drawn up by the three organisations behind Sh2out (RLSS, British Triathlon and Swim England) and is available on Sh2out’s website.

The guidance includes the warning that many open water sites, including popular beaches, are not currently supervised and urges swimmers to “stay sensible, know your limitations, and please enjoy the water, safely.

Sh2out say they will follow a range of adjustments in line with step one of the government plans which state that from Wednesday 13 May that you can meet one other person from a different household outdoors and exercise outdoors; with open water swimming in lakes and the sea permitted as long as you continue to observe social distancing guidelines and ensure you are 2 metres away from anyone.

They advise that “whilst open water swimming is permitted by the government, you should ask yourself whether you think it is a socially responsible thing for you to do; due to the inherent dangers, increased risk and pressure that this may cause the NHS and emergency services.

“Certainly, if you are new to open water swimming, we don’t advise that you go open water swimming outside of an operated and supervised venue which has a safety crew (many of these are not open currently).”

You can read the full guidelines here.

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