Outdoor Swimmer's Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Xmas Gift Guide

How often are you asked, "what do you want for Christmas"? If you're like many swimmers, you may be thinking that all you want to do on Christmas Day is go for a swim but we all know the right bit of kit can improve your swimming experience. So this year, when someone asks you want you want, take a look at the suggestions in our Christmas Gift guide.

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of a taking a festive dip, don't forget to check out our advice for staying safe in the December issue of Outdoor Swimmer.

Cover Dec18

Issue 21 December 2018

  • Ross Edgley's Great British Swim
  • Tonic of the Sea - the joys of wild swimming
  • 9 tips to cope with injury
  • Christmas gift guide
  • December Dipathon - cold water challenge!

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