What's coming up in the August 2019 issue of Outdoor Swimmer magazine?

August 19 Cover Image

Our August 2019 issue is at the printer and will be on its way to subscribers early next week (w/c 29 July). As with every issue of Outdoor Swimmer our aim is to publish stories and articles to help you make the most of swimming outside whether you're an occasional dipper, a hardened marathon swimmer or a competitive racer. Coming up in August we have the latest on how to deal with swimmer's itch, the bane of many lake and river swimmers' lives, and how to make the best of an event even if your training and preparation has been sub-optimal (or even non-existent).


One of the team's favourite stories in the August issue is that of Jabez Wolffe who made multiple attempts to swim the English Channel at the beginning of the twentieth century, and then spent years as a coach (with some questionable coaching ideas) and mentor to more successful swimmers who came after him.

Wildlife August

We're always curious about what's around us in the water. Sadly, we don't often know, so we call in the expertise of Susanne Masters. This issue she unravels the mysteries of Sweet Flag.

San Sebastian

If you haven't yet planned a holiday and you're looking for a trip that gives you plenty of swimming opportunities, you could do worse than a visit to San Sebastian.

Re Usable Cup 2
Cover March2020

Issue 36 March 2020

  • Breaking Boundaries - stories from the global outdoor swimming community
  • Alice Dearing - Team GB's only black swimmer
  • Towards North – wild swimming in Finland
  • Better Breaststroke - tune up your stroke
  • Swimrunner - new magazine section!

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