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Finis Freestyle Snorkel – Sample training set

By Lee Stanbury, swimming coach and founder of swim retailer 

The Finis Freestyle Snorkel has been designed to allow swimmers to separate breathing movements from other elements of the stroke while swimming front crawl. For example, it allows you to keep your head in a stable central position while you concentrate you your catch, pull through or some other element that you want to improve without being distracted by the need to turn for air.

Traditional snorkels used by divers are unsuitable because the position on the side of the head interferes with correct arm movement. The Freestyle Snorkel is designed to be worn in front of the head and is a valuable training tool for long distance swimmers and sprinters alike.
Use your snorkel over a set distance every week for the best results: long steady sets are best.

Try this training set

Parts 1 & 2 are with the snorkel, part 3 without. Tweak depending on your ability.
Part 1: 12x 25m front Crawl with 10 second rest after each 25m at 60-70% of max effort.
During the set focus on front quadrant swimming*, aim for good length in your stroke, light hand entry, with the main focus on the catch of your stroke.
Part 2: 20x25m front Crawl with 10-15 seconds rest at 70-80% of max effort.
Keep the main focus on a light hand entry. The snorkel will allow you greater focus on the press into the catch of your stroke.
Remove the snorkel.
Part 3: 12×50 front crawl with 15 seconds rest after each at about 80% of max effort
As before, maintain your focus on hand entry, catch and good length in your stroke while incorporating your breathing.
*Front quadrant swimming refers to the practice of always having one hand in the front quadrant part of your stroke (i.e. from entry to about directly below your face) as opposed to having your arms wind-milling 180 degrees apart.
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