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Accessories you need to make your swim life easier

With swimming outdoors more popular than ever before, there seems to be an ever-increasing range of products available to take on your swim. We all know how tempting it is to buy the latest kit and then let it gather dust in your bag, but here are some pieces that will seriously make your swimming life easier.

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1. Selkie Swim Carry Bag (£30)

Particularly useful for the colder, wetter months; the additional insulating strip in the bag protects your feet from the cold, but also from dirt, mud, gravel or sand.

The bag can be used to stand on whilst getting changed, but also to keep your clothes dry before your swim, and then to carry your wet clothes afterwards. One great tip from seasoned is to place a hot water bottle in whilst swimming, so that the bag is warm for when you get out!

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2. Swim Secure’s Large Microfibre Towel (£16)

When faced with a bag filled to the brim with swimming equipment, microfibre towels are a perfect drying solution – not only do they take up less space than a regular towel, they’re more absorbent too, absorbing up to four times as much water.

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3. Selkie Sliders (£25)

Getting to and from your changing spot with wet feet often means you can carry what’s on the ground with you – sliders help to keep your feet clean when getting out of the water and also as added protection from the cold ground.

These Selkie Sliders are made from man-made vegan leather with textured soles for anti-slip protection.

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4. Swim Secure Shell Ear plugs (£3.95)

Ear plugs are a useful way to ward off ear infections, but can also prevent the strange sensation of getting water in your ears.

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5. Vision Swim Goggles (£34.99)

Not all goggles are created equally, and transitioning from the pool to open water means using a pair that is designed to cope with exposure to the elements. Vision’s goggles mirrored lenses reduce glare from the sun and its soft silicone frame provides a comfortable fit for those new to swimming outdoors.

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