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FINIS Fuse Jammer

FINIS pitches its Fuse Jammer (and the women’s equivalent, the Fuse Knee Suit) as an entry level racing suit with elite level performance, and the pricing (while still a lot of money) reflects this.

The suit differs from top-end suits in ways other than price too. Most noticeably, the material is thicker and more robust. With most technical racing suits having a very limited usage life, we liked this aspect of the FINIS suit as it survived multiple outings to the pool and should hold up well in outdoor environments.

Racing suits are designed to be tight and elite swimmers can take this to eye-popping extremes by downsizing several sizes when they race. Racing suits therefore take time to put on and can, frankly, be quite uncomfortable. While still a competitive tight fit, we found the Fuse Jammers to be more generously cut than some of the alternatives on the market, which reduced the indignity in putting them on and means you can wear them without risking losing feeling in your legs as your blood supply is cut off.

Still, the key questions are: does it look good and is it fast? We tested the Fuse at a masters gala and, yes, apparently it did look good and the performance was excellent. In the water it felt slick and light as a racing costume should and the clock said they were fast (given the limitations of the swimmer doing the test).


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