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Flexibility and buoyancy: Zoggs new wetsuit range is out now

Featuring Yamomoto neoprene and customisable cuff length, Zoggs new range of open water and triathlon wetsuits have hit the market

Swimwear brand Zoggs has brought a new range of wetsuits for every type of swimmer, from beginners to competitive and professional athletes.

Placing performance and comfort at the forefront, Zoggs has selected materials based on thickness, elasticity and surface type dependent on the purpose of the wetsuit. In particular, the use of Yamamoto neoprene guarantees buoyancy and flexibility. Yamamoto is the highest grade neoprene available, designed as a comfortable second skin and made from limestone, an environmentally-friendly alternative to petro-chemicals.

To add flair, each line within the wetsuit collection features its own distinctive graphical style, including a topographical contour design we’re particularly keen on.

DIY cuff length

A unique feature of the Zoggs range is the DIY cuff length cutting system, which allows you to customise the cuff length on the arms and legs to your desired length, using the easy-to-follow cutting marks on the suit.

To showcase the durability and usability of the new Zoggs range, extensive ‘undercover’ testing of the wetsuits has taken part over a series of XTERRA events, putting the wetsuits through their paces.

Mark Hammersley, VP HEAD Swimming comments: “The feedback received from Pro athletes testing the top tier suits in real race conditions gives confidence that the new wetsuits are more than up to the demands of competitive swimming. At Zoggs we are passionate about extending the joy of swimming to all, therefore just as much care and attention has been paid to the development of suits at every level.”

A swim around Shepperton Lake

Among the testers was Outdoor Swimmer founder Simon Griffiths, who tried the Explorer Ultra FS wetsuit for a loop around Shepperton Lake back in October.

“The suit fitted well and first impressions were good,” said Simon. “The multi-panel construction allows for thinner neoprene around the shoulders and arms for flexibility, with thicker panels on the chest, back and core for warmth and buoyancy. The double-lined panels under the arms and between the legs provide reassurance that the suit will be durable in these areas. In the water, the suit felt balanced and unrestricted. Overall, this suit feels like a great compromise between durability for frequent use in a wide range of conditions and fast enough for the occasional event.”

Simon also tested the Hypex Ultra FS, from the triathlon range.

“Before I entered the water, I knew I was wearing something special,” said Simon. “Constructed throughout with Yamamoto 40 neoprene, the difference in flexibility to the Explore Ultra FS (which uses Yamamoto 38 neoprene) was immediately obvious. I found this suit to be so flexible that the smaller size fitted better without losing any mobility.”

Read more of Simon’s thoughts on the Zoggs wetsuit range here.

Zoggs Wetsuits are priced from £149 and are available to buy now: zoggs.com

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