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Vivobarefoot Tempest amphibious trail shoe review

While it took a little while longer than expected to get the Tempest shoes on due to the high ankles, when I started running and swimming in them I immediately realised the reasoning behind the design. The shoes are so secure! They’re also really buoyant, which helps when swimming.

Transitioning from water to land, the shoes drain like a dream – in other shoes after going for a dip there’s always some squelching before the water all drains out – in these it was minimal and my feet felt comfy the whole time.

Additionally, the grip, even when wet and on what I’d usually consider slippy surfaces, felt secure and I was able to run much

more surefooted.

I’m reserving these for trail runs as they feel slightly out of place on tarmac or pavement, but then trails is exactly what they’ve been designed for.

Aesthetically I love them. I’m not a big fan of pink, but especially on a rainy or grey day, the brightness of the soles lighten my mood! They are eye-catching, but not to the extent that others will stare.

Big thumbs up!



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