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BODY CARE: Friction creams and balms

Friction creams and balms are useful for not only wetsuit chafing but also for areas where your swimwear can rub. Read on for our expert guide.

Zone 3 100% Natural Organic Anti-Chafing Balm | £15.00

The first thing to love about this was the smell, it smells like lemons. As well as suitable for swimwear and wetsuits rubbing, it is excellent for feet. It prevents blisters well and makes feet lovely and soft, too.

SOiL Pure Shea Butter | £11.20

Raw and unrefined this butter is a great moisturiser as well as excellent on rashes, burns and eczema. Not designed solely for friction but it is a great all-rounder to have in your pack. The tin is great for travel.

OCEAN LUBE Ocean Friendly Anti-Chafing Cream | from £13.99

This smells like a wood burning sauna. It is plant based and ocean friendly. This is greasier on application, but less sticky than petroleum jelly. It is wetsuit friendly and glides on easily. Did a great job too, no friction burns on a long swim.

Premax Anti Friction Balm, £14.99

This balm comes in both male and female versions, the difference is the oils and scent as a result. They both smell great, so it doesn’t matter which one you use. The consistency is thicker and so the skin feels more hydrated while helping with the rub.

Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream, £24.99

This is lovely, a favourite and smells like baby lotion. Moisturising and fantastic with friction. Generous size tub too. Favoured by cyclists, it has a cooling feature too. Anti-bacterial, it is also good at keeping you smelling fresh.

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