Kettlebell halo
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Move of the month: Kettlebell halo

This move improves shoulder strength, mobility and stability and is also great for boosting core strength as well as grip and forearm strength. Vivienne Rickman is your guide.

This is a simple upper body move that puts the shoulder through its full range of motion. Improving shoulder strength, mobility and stability (key in injury prevention to help stop that swimmers shoulder!), it’s also great for improving our core strength as well as grip and forearm strength.

Equipment needed

Kettlebell – start with a lighter weight and only gradually increase the weight when you feel comfortable.

How to do kettlebell halo

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Maintain a neutral spine position and engage the core. Look forward to help maintain this position.
  2. Place both hands on either side of the kettlebell handle and hold it bell up. Elbows are in front of your chest.
  3. Start by moving the kettlebell in a circle to the right side of your head, around the back of your head, to the left side of your head and back to the starting position. This is one rep.


Keep control throughout the movements. Keep your arms and kettlebell in close to your head to avoid
injury. If you have any lower back or shoulder injuries consult medical advice before lifting kettlebells.


This can be done in a seated position on a chair. Once ready to move on try it from a kneeling position.

For more challenge try a half-kneeling position, with one leg kneeling and one in front of your body. This gives you less stability so will challenge your core.

Read Vivienne’s guide to Alternating Superman, a great core-strengthening exericise.

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