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Move of the month: Donkey Kicks

Vivienne Rickman is your guide to a move that strengthens lower back muscles and promotes good posture – an ideal exercise for those with desk jobs

The donkey kick strengthens our lower back muscles and promotes good posture, especially good for those of us that have desk jobs, stretching the hip in the opposite direction to sitting.

It also activates the muscles of the shoulders and core, which improves the body’s stability and range of motion while we are in the water.

This is a great move for all levels of fitness as it targets multiple muscle groups and doesn’t put much strain on the joints. It also targets the glutes, so perfect for working that booty!

How to do donkey kicks

You will need an exercise mat

  1. Start on all fours, knees under hips and hip width apart, hands under shoulders. Neck and spine are neutral.
  2. Focus on maintaining good form, keep your core strong and don’t let your back sag. Lift your leg with a bent knee, foot flexed, hinge at the hip.
  3. Keep your pelvis and working hip pointing at the ground.
  4. Return leg to the mat, this is one rep.
  5. Try 20 reps on each leg for four sets.

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