April 2023 ‘Underwater’

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I once had the opportunity to interview Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth 100m sprint champion Linford Christie. He had recently learnt to swim and had discovered open water. I asked him what he thought about when he was swimming and to my surprise, he went on to tell me various stories from his head, including the lady of the lake grabbing his ankles and what if a plane overhead crashed into the water that he was swimming in. It was such a comfort that this mentally and physically strong athlete could be plagued by the same silly thoughts about what lurks beneath.

It is a common issue and one that is often most difficult when you first start your outdoor swimming journey. As a coach, I am always asked about how to beat thoughts and fears of what swims with us. This month’s issue dives under the water and we discover a brilliant world of wonder, magic, awe, creativity, creatures, challenge and the strange!

Were you captivated by our beautiful cover image? Read all about Lexi Laine, a freediving photographer (below) before taking a breath to dive back under and learn more about freediving with Anna Hattersley. Amber Fillary tells her story and what drives her ambition to swim under ice. Meanwhile Jonathan Cowie looks at the bottom of Windermere in the Lake District; discover if he finds trash or treasure, below. Sticking with the theme of treasure, Elaine K Howley explores the history of diving for pearls. As well as all this and the usual training and information to improve your life through swimming, we have a free events supplement to inspire you to set swimming goals in 2023. Take a deep breath and dive into the issue!


Ella Foote, Editor

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