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Review: Swimming tech

From water cameras to swimming headphones, we review the best gadgets to enhance your outdoor swimming adventures

GoPro HERO11 Black | £549.98 or £349.98 with a GoPro Subscription * BEST FOR YOUTUBE STARS

They say: The world’s most versatile camera goes to 11. Get incredible highlight videos sent to your phone automatically with the HERO11 Black. Its new, larger image sensor captures more of the
scene with higher image quality, letting you instantly share vertical shots to social media. All this and more make HERO11 Black the most powerful GoPro yet.

We say: GoPro is famous for its features and technology for good reason. There are two control types –
Pro and Easy. Easy mode comes with pre-set point and shoot settings, or switch to Pro to make the most of the camera’s features. The dual screen means you can capture yourself easier if you are a social media star, but more importantly the quality and resolution of the content is incredible.

Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition | £109

They say: The Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition is for triathletes and anyone who wants to swim in both the pool and the quiet or moving free water. With the Ameo Fresh Air System, the swimmer breathes only fresh air, not mixed with CO2 like traditional snorkels. The top valves on the tube only open briefly for an inhale, otherwise staying closed and keeping water out. You can literally hold your
breath, dive deep, come up and inhale, with no water entering the snorkel.

We say: This snorkel took a while to get used to, but I was soon able to regulate my breathing and move
through the water with ease. This is a great addition to a swimmer’s training regime, enabling a focus on technique, endurance and respiratory muscle training. The snorkel works even in rough open water conditions, making it ideal for training in open water.

INCUS Nova Swim | £199

They say: A ground-breaking swim tracker that sheds light on your swim technique and helps you to improve with clear and simple training feedback. View actionable results alongside over 100 training videos and drills, hosted by leading swimmers and scientists, to help you to swim smoother than ever.

We say: Worn on the body using a bib, this device sits at the back of the spine. I was blown away by the
amount of data this small gadget generated. The positioning on the spine allows the device to differentiate between the left and right side of the body, providing feedback on stroke strength, body angles, going into much more depth than similar products.

Crosstour CT9000 Action Camera | £49.99

They say: A 4K 20MP action camera with a wireless wrist remote control and 8x zoom. Works up to 40m underwater and has a built in wi-fi sports camera. Contains multiple modes to meet different needs. Ideal for swimming, surfing, hiking, cycling, other outdoor activities. Superb Definition Resolution 4K helps record each memorable moment by creating distinct videos. 20MP will help taking ultra clear photos.

We say: At the price point, I was pleasantly surprised with the images that came out of this camera – there was a lovely clarity in the photos. The waterproof case is also durable, making it suitable for more adventurous swims. The audio capture on the camera could be improved, making the camera
better suited to photo bursts in the water.

Shokz Open Swim | £139.95 * BEST FOR MUSIC LOVERS

They say: Take open-ear listening to new depths. OpenSwim is engineered with Shokz’s signature open-ear design and 7th generation bone conduction technology to ensure bud-free, comfortable listening all day, in or out of the water. OpenSwim is completely waterproof and submersible, and features four gigabytes of MP3 storage, enabling athletes to train harder; no wires, no devices, no limits.

We say: These headphones use bone conduction technology and rest on the side of the ear rather
than inside, making it much more comfortable than standard headphones. The sound quality is absolutely fantastic, making it a real treat to swim while listening to your favourite tracks. The headphones can hold about 1,200 songs, offering variety even on the longest of swims.

FORM smart goggles and 1-year membership | £249

They say: More than a pair of goggles – meet the world’s most powerful swim platform. Highlights: in-goggle real-time metrics; activity tracking; FORM Swim App; detailed postswim analysis; 1,000+ workouts; 30+ coach-designed plans; custom workout builder.

We say: Once you get used to metrics and sets being beamed onto the in-eye display, these goggles are a great way to structure your training. Sessions are fed to you in bitesize chunks so you always know what you are doing next. Real-time metrics give immediate feedback on the effort I put in, or how a technique change impacts my speed, or keep me on pace. After your swim, the app is easy to read and intuitive. An ingenious way of doing sets that stretch me out of my comfort zone. Membership is £13 per month after the first year.

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